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April 25, 2017

Why i'm going to buy Omega 3

One by one there are questions, whether it is possible to replace Omega-3 from fish oil with flaxseed oil and many others. I am writing a post about Omega, if this is the case. I will make a reservation, when they say "Omega-3", usually refers to Omega-3 from fish oil, although there are Omega-3 in terrestrial plants. More details - below. Now we just remember that Omega-3 in this post is fish oil.

buy omega 3

How much omega 3 should I buy and for what?

To obtain significant health profit, for the prevention you must take about 1000 mg of a mixture of EPA and DHA. If there are problems with the cardiovascular system - take up (please, consult with you doctor) to 3000 mg of a mixture of DHA and EPA Accordingly that it should be taken into account that the recommended by some sources capsules for a significant effect will be small. For therapeutic dosages, I repeat, it is not very suitable, because 3000 mg is 10 capsules of Omega Madre Labs and it's 10 grams of fat, which is a lot. What is needed for Omega-3 - briefly: heart, brain, joints, blood vessels, vision, youthful skin and youth in general. In a word, this is the basement of your health.

How to take fish oil - with food or on an empty stomach?

With food. When taking an empty stomach, unpleasant sensations can occur in the digestive system.

Can I replace Omega 3 from fish oil with Omega-3 from linseed oil?

DO NOT. Omega 3 is a GROUP of polyunsaturated acids. The most useful and scarce for the body are two of them - DHA and EPA. They are contained only in fish oil. There is another acid from the group of Omega-3 - ALA, which is not particularly scarce for humans. Omega 3 - one of the typical problems of vegetarianism. A linseed oil in bottles quickly oxidizes and becomes toxic. In some countries it is prohibited for sale in this form. Nevertheless, linseed oil is useful. It makes sense sometimes to replace conventional fish oil from the basic scheme of bats to a preparation that contains both fish oil or linseed oil..